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PickleBall Lessons

for all levels at #PickleBarn

Who: Anyone who wants to learn PickleBall, or improve their game and LEVEL UP.

What: Private, Semi-Private and Group Lessons (up to 6 people), Clinics & Corporate Events

Where: #PickleBarn, Penfield NY

When: Schedule a time, call or text Paul @ 585-739-7221

From: Paul J. Valenti: Coach, Trainer, Teacher, PickleBall Player, Masters in Education,

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"Great lesson, thanks for your energy, makes me want to play. A good coach is a true gift, value it and enjoy it."

"Hey just wanted to thank you personally. I really enjoy the group...You’re a great coach and I am slowly seeing improvement to my overall all game. You rock!!!!"

"After a month of frustration I feel things coming together slowly. Was playing out of my mind in my normal group play today. Thanks for the encouragement and the brilliant coaching."

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Proud Athlete of #TeamEngage


Instructional Certification from



History Of #PickleBarn

#PickleBarn, #ValentiBarn, sits on #ValentiFarm located in Penfield, NY. The barn was rebuilt in 1941 after a fire burnt down the original barn. The original farm house was built in 1832 and sat on a 50+ acre dairy farm. Amanda and Paul moved into #ValentiFarm in Aug of 2015, and immediately got to work. :)

So much has changed with the help of friends, family and

a lot of sweat equity!!!

Barn Transformation

The Work Continues

Fall of 2015 to Fall of 2016

Painting #PickleBarn

November 2020

Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIYAQznpq2g

Article On #PickleBarn

Central Oregon Pickleball Magazine

Spring 2021

The Dink Newsletter

November 2020

John Kucko Digital

March 2022

Friday's Farm:



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