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PickleBall Lessons

for all levels at #PickleBarn

Who: Anyone who wants to learn PickleBall, or improve their game and LEVEL UP.

What: Private, Semi-Private and Group Lessons (up to 6 people), Clinics & Corporate Events

Where: #PickleBarn, Penfield NY

When: Schedule a time, call or text Paul @ 585-739-7221

From: Paul J. Valenti: Coach, Trainer, Teacher, PickleBall Player, Masters in Education,

Sponsored Joola PickleBall Athlete https://joolausa.com/pickleball/



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"Great lesson, thanks for your energy, makes me want to play. A good coach is a true gift, value it and enjoy it."

"Hey just wanted to thank you personally. I really enjoy the group...You’re a great coach and I am slowly seeing improvement to my overall all game. You rock!!!!"

"After a month of frustration I feel things coming together slowly. Was playing out of my mind in my normal group play today. Thanks for the encouragement and the brilliant coaching."

Proud Athlete of The Joola Team


Instructional Certification from



History Of #PickleBarn

#PickleBarn, #ValentiBarn, sits on #ValentiFarm located in Penfield, NY. The barn was rebuilt in 1941 after a fire burnt down the original barn. The original farm house was built in 1832 and sat on a 50+ acre dairy farm. Amanda and Paul moved into #ValentiFarm in Aug of 2015, and immediately got to work. :)

So much has changed with the help of friends, family and

a lot of sweat equity!!!

Barn Transformation

The Work Continues

Fall of 2015 to Fall of 2016

Painting #PickleBarn

November 2020

Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIYAQznpq2g

Article On #PickleBarn

Central Oregon Pickleball Magazine

Spring 2021

The Dink Newsletter

November 2020

John Kucko Digital

March 2022

Friday's Farm:



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