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PickleBall Tournaments: Presented by PUSH YOURSELF

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Michelob Ultra Valenti PickleBall Series

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Michelob Ultra Valenti PickleBall Tournament Series

February 9th - 11th, 2024 - PickleBOWL / (COMPLETED)

June 7th - 9th, 2024 - Flower City Open / Fairport PBC

August 16th - 19th, 2024 - PickleFEST XIV - Dinkers

November TBD, 2024 - Tryptophan Classic - Location TBD


2024 Triple Crown Dates

 Culminating in August with PickleFEST XIV @ Dinkers in Rochester NY

The New York State Triple Crown PickleBall Series ... consist of 3 PickleBall Tournaments across Upstate New York, culminating with the oldest PickleBall tournament In New York State ... PickleFEST XIV. There will be prizes for those who register for multiple events in the Triple Crown Series and interlocking medals to connect the winners! Come play with the top competitors in the state, get merchandise to represent your cities, and become a part of the event that brings our entire region together.


@Fairport PickleBall Club

April 20th 2024

Rules / Rally Scoring explanation

Michelob Ultra New York State PickleBall Team Championship - DONE
Download PDF • 610KB

Video explanation HERE

Who will be the New York State PickleBall State Champ? - Only time will tell


February 9th-11th 2024

Proud to support Pluta Cancer Center

Thank You ... for your generous sponsorship

Thank you to the 2024 PickleBOWL sponsors:

PickleBOWL (Feb 9th-11th 2024) was held at the new Fairport Pickleball Club! Play before the game and benefited Breast & Prostate Cancer Research, via Pluta Cancer Center

Valenti PickleBall ran their 1st PickleBOWL in 2012 at the Main Street Armory, and are happy to get this event back on the calendar.

Thank you for all who participated and supported this event.

Valenti PickleBall



2023 Triple Crown

Was a success.... can't wait till 2024...

2023 Podium Pictures


3 Days / 26 Brackets

Aug 11-13, 2023

Full Detailed List of Champions, Matches and More

Enjoy some photos, more at


Podium Pictures

Flower City Open 3 Days / 22 Brackets

June 9-11, 2023

Podium Pictures

Action Shots



Aug 18-21, 2022

2022 Podium Pictures

PickleFEST XI Champs

Full Detailed List of Champions, Matches and More

Podium Pictures


PickleFest XI was a huge SUCCESS


3 Days of PickleBall

230+ Participants

29 Podium Pictures

17 Courts

2 Locations

2 Great Charities

Lots of fun and smiles


2021 Podium Pictures

PickleFEST XI Champs

Full Detailed List of Champions, Matches and More

Podium Pictures

List of Winners


More about PUSH YOURSELF & PickleFEST

PickleFEST XI in conjunction with PUSH YOURSELF

is happy to support two wonderful organizations:

-The Challenged Athletes Foundation. (EMPOWERING LIVES THROUGH SPORT by providing adaptive sports equipment and resources for individuals with physical challenges)

-The PUSH YOURSELF Scholarship (Financial support for High School

Seniors going to College or University. As well as

purchase sporting equipment for underserved High School and College Athletes)

The Philosophy of PUSH YOURSELF is:


To inspire, encourage and motivate people to make a difference. "PUSH YOURSELF" is the act of stepping outside of your comfort zone to stir and cultivate a movement that changes the world. If everyone pushed themselves to do more, the world would be a better place. One person going above and beyond can be infectious to those around them, creating a ripple effect of positive and uplifting actions.


"PUSH YOURSELF" is not just a movement; it's a way of life.

Since 2008, the start of PUSH YOURSELF, we have raised over $100,000 for local and national charities. We are excited to support PickleFEST XI.



Tired of winning medals ... WE GOT YOU COVERED


Past PickleFEST Champions

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Scott Lipitz
Scott Lipitz
Jun 21, 2021

Always brings a smile when I see JV on one side of me and EK on the other on the Pickle Podium!

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